Presenting RAID

RAID, the Swedish National Association of Veterinary Employees, is Sweden´s only association for technical and administrative staff in animal medicine.

Our members are veterinary nurses, radiographers, administrative staff and laboratory assistants at both large animal and small animal clinics and veterinary hospitals all over Sweden.

RAID works to strengthen the professional identity of our members and to elevate our professional status. Education is one of our primary concerns.

RAID is an independent organization. RAID was formed in 1997 and our membership number is about 1000 at the moment. Our strength is in our numbers.

RAID - at your service!

Education: RAID cooperates with several educators to provide a variety of options on courses and seminars for our members.

International contacts: We are building up a network of contacts with our colleagues in the Nordic and other countries. RAID is a member of IVNTA, the International Veterinary Nurse Association.

We are out to achieve:

  • Higher status for our members' professions

  • A higher level of training for technical and administrative personnel

  • Credential courses at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

  • Field specialization, e.g. specialist qualifications in anesthesiology, dermatology, radiology etc.

  • RAID is working to achieve official consultative status vis à vis national authorities and organizations.

Membership benefits!

  • A wide interface in animal medicine, both in Sweden and internationally.

  • The opportunity of influencing your professional situation today and for the future.

  • The membership journal RAID published four times annually and containing new developments in veterinary medicine, feature articles, details about courses etc.

  • A discount on courses and further education programmes arranged by RAID.

Join us!

Everyone working as technical or administrative staff or with post-secondary qualifications in veterinary nursing is eligible for RAID membership.
Companies, associations and private individuals can become supporting members.

How do I join?

By paying the membership fee for 2015, SEK 300 for individual members and SEK 600 for a supporting member, into RAID bank giro account, no. 5082-4028.

State on the giro form whether your payment is for individual or supporting membership. For individual membership, please give your name, address, phone number and place of employment. For supporting membership, please give the name of the company, association or person concerned, a person to contact (where applicable), and an address and phone number.

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